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Turn Me On and Throw Away the Switch

the Beloved is everywhere all the time. Infinite Love…

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one equals one

The nature of the universe. The universe is an equal sign. Everything in the universe is equal – That is the cosmic joke – The amnesia and illusion that we have agreed to. We built an illusion – We put “things” on either side of the equal sign created equations, algorithms, “meaning,” “problems.” Virtual reality…… Continue reading one equals one


Stop Building Walls – The only thing they keep out is Love 

Religion builds walls that keep us far from eachother that keep us thinking that some are right and some are wrong. If any religion were right, it would tell us to love eachother regardless of religion, regardless of colour, regardless of culture, regardless of money, regardless of all the things that we use as excuses…… Continue reading Stop Building Walls – The only thing they keep out is Love