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When words are not enough

When words are not enough When silence is a sea of peace And my highest self is home to stay And your kisses can only hint At the depth of this union I know this mantra too well A kiss that tastes of that silent sea And lingers for infinity When words are not enough…… Continue reading When words are not enough

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Thirst for Life

Until we recognize ourselves as the source of our own light, we will cast shadows. Why am I here? To watch the rose as it blooms. Thank Infinity that it seemingly takes longer than the blink of an eye. “To give him thirst for life and to make death his cup bearer.” Khalil Gibran The…… Continue reading Thirst for Life

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Note to Love-Self

Can we be sovereign immortal infinite forest mountain sky and ocean dwelling beings of Love together? Just thought I would ask and see if anyone else out there is interested in dedicating their lives to being an embodiment of Heaven on Earth – rather than the current trend of embodying suffering and sin and illusion.…… Continue reading Note to Love-Self

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one equals one

The nature of the universe. The universe is an equal sign. Everything in the universe is equal – That is the cosmic joke – The amnesia and illusion that we have agreed to. We built an illusion – We put “things” on either side of the equal sign created equations, algorithms, “meaning,” “problems.” Virtual reality…… Continue reading one equals one