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Note to Love-Self

Can we be sovereign immortal infinite forest mountain sky and ocean dwelling beings of Love together? Just thought I would ask and see if anyone else out there is interested in dedicating their lives to being an embodiment of Heaven on Earth – rather than the current trend of embodying suffering and sin and illusion.…… Continue reading Note to Love-Self

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The Alchemist’s Body 1.1 – The Key to Vitality is Yours

Join me in superhuman adventures, get a FREE gift, and reclaim HEALTH & PLEASURE!

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one equals one

The nature of the universe. The universe is an equal sign. Everything in the universe is equal – That is the cosmic joke – The amnesia and illusion that we have agreed to. We built an illusion – We put “things” on either side of the equal sign created equations, algorithms, “meaning,” “problems.” Virtual reality…… Continue reading one equals one

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“Wherever I am Going, I Am Already Home.”

Apathy  is a wall  between you  and an avalanche;  a landslide;  being buried  might be the  best thing  that ever happens to you.   Apathy  is a wall that the shadows made you build, by overwhelming you with darkness until you felt  hopeless. Until you felt  everything. Until you felt nothingness.   The Warriors of…… Continue reading “Wherever I am Going, I Am Already Home.”