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one equals one

The nature of the universe. The universe is an equal sign. Everything in the universe is equal – That is the cosmic joke – The amnesia and illusion that we have agreed to. We built an illusion – We put “things” on either side of the equal sign created equations, algorithms, “meaning,” “problems.” Virtual reality…… Continue reading one equals one

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“Wherever I am Going, I Am Already Home.”

Apathy  is a wall  between you  and an avalanche;  a landslide;  being buried  might be the  best thing  that ever happens to you.   Apathy  is a wall that the shadows made you build, by overwhelming you with darkness until you felt  hopeless. Until you felt  everything. Until you felt nothingness.   The Warriors of…… Continue reading “Wherever I am Going, I Am Already Home.”

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“Peace In My Soul…”

Those sleeping dogs  that you have been  letting lie,  they are not going to sleep  forever.  They are sleeping,  not dead.  They are dreaming, unconcious.  Awakened  by the slightest movement  away from that  apathy  that you have clung  so tightly to.  They will begin to awaken as soon as you stop numbing yourself through addictions.…… Continue reading “Peace In My Soul…”