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Reclaim Pleasure 1.1 – The Key to Vitality is Yours

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“Wherever I am Going, I Am Already Home.”

Apathy  is a wall  between you  and an avalanche;  a landslide;  being buried  might be the  best thing  that ever happens to you.   Apathy  is a wall that the shadows made you build, by overwhelming you with darkness until you felt  hopeless. Until you felt  everything. Until you felt nothingness.   The Warriors of…… Continue reading “Wherever I am Going, I Am Already Home.”

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“Peace In My Heart…”

Whenever someone hurts you  just take a moment  to recognize  how far from true happiness  they are.  Recognize how truly difficult  their experience of life  must be.  Recognize that you  may once have been them,  or will be.  Recognize that they are  challenging themself  to do their best  without knowing  even slightly  what their best…… Continue reading “Peace In My Heart…”

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A Risk Worth Taking

Meditation is set very far apart from medication. So far apart, that I consider meditation to be more of a cure than a treatment.  Mindfulness meditation helped me survive anxiety and depression, along with innumerable others who have used meditation as a therapy. There is no set dosage, there are no withdrawal symptoms, there is…… Continue reading A Risk Worth Taking