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Note to Love-Self

Can we be sovereign immortal infinite forest mountain sky and ocean dwelling beings of Love together?

Just thought I would ask and see if anyone else out there is interested in dedicating their lives to being an embodiment of Heaven on Earth – rather than the current trend of embodying suffering and sin and illusion. There is always a choice. To be everything all at once, and yet choose to radiate the bliss of Source, paradise. My reflecting on karma is almost finished, a new cycle has almost arrived.

The world might seem fucked up and crazy, especially when I go too deep into the internet, or too deep into the human psyche, but this is nothing! The next 10 years will be crazier than anything you could currently imagine (arguable – the imagination is full of ideas, go read LoveStar).

Instead of getting snared by the worshippers of sin and particularly the followers of the fuzzy cheeze ball zombie with a microphone and a possee of possessed zombies, go deep within, meet yourself, and become the sovereign being that is free from suffering and sin and “needs.” We do not need to fight. We need to love ourselves so much that we dedicate our lives to making sure that we uphold a worldwide community, a reality, that requires no shadows, no shadow beings, no reflections to remind us of our truth, of our heart, of our morals, and of our love. We need to remember. Who we are.


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