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Mine or Yours

Within hardships I have found gratitude.

Within suffering I have found empathy.

Within wounds I have found healing.

Within temptations I have found strength.

Within resistance I have found my peace.

Within my own delusions I have found my truth.

Within the complexity of life I have found a simplicity:

Every moment is a chance to celebrate life and all of the opportunities it gives to experience unconditional Love.

When I love someone, I do not love them for anything they do or say, I love them – and the experience of loving is the most beautiful miracle that humankind can ever experience.

When I love someone, I do not love them for anything they give to me – I love, and I am grateful for the experience of love within myself and the opportunity to share this love that they have shown me is possible.

When I love someone unconditionally, I will love All unconditionally.

All of these treasures that I have found – are they mine or yours?

Possession is one of the most popular human delusions, just after separation.

Love can never be mine or yours, it is always ours. It is always ours. Innately free from ego and selfishness and possession and separation.

“You are a lover of your own experience, not of me. You turn to me to feel your own emotion.” -Rumi


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