Nothing to Lose

Down in the depths of hell,

where even demons hesitate to visit,

there was a moment.

The moment of enlightenment,

gifted upon me by some part of my mind,

some desperate part of my mind,

full of longing and death.

The darkest moment

became the sunrise of my life.

I knew I would die,

if not that day,

then another.

I knew that I came here for a purpose

and got distracted by all the suffering.

I got so distracted

that I began to think that my purpose 

was just that,

to suffer; nothing more.

I realized that my willingness to suffer,

my willingness even to die,

or more so, 

a lack of fear

and an abundance of love

were the sparks of inspiration I required

to accomplish my many ambitions and goals.

I did not give up

and I will not give up

because I love this world,

and all of the life in it.

I did not give up

because I have a dream.

I have a dream that one day I will wake up

and everyone around me 

will have stopped suffering;

they will have surrendered 

to the beauty and joy of life

and of Love.



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