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Highest Honour

How far can your love be tested? How easily can you be thrown off balance by another puzzle piece’s flaws? Where is the line between sickness of one and sickness of both? Where is the line between abandonment and surrender for mutual improvement in quality and enjoyment of life? Is it possible for someone to love the untouchables, those that nobody wants to help or love or face the truth of, just as much as any other?

Of course it is, anything is possible through love. 

Imagine yourself as that person. Imagine you had been born into their body and had experienced what they are experiencing. Imagine you will soon be incarnated into that life. At any time. Imagine you already have. How freeing is that? To see that you have surpassed incredible hardship and trial or upheld incredible true-self manifestation and the “sacrifice” (honour) and “trial” (more honour flowing from within and without, to and from, brothers and sisters and the higher self) that it bestows, and have the HIGHEST HONOUR of now offering love in any form to a brother or sister of any form and condition. 


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