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A Shadow in Sunlight

To experience true intention, to exercise true intention, remove all intention. Free your mind. Let go of all thoughts and neuroses.

Love is that which enables choice.

To experience choice, to experience choosing, let go of all emotional attachments first, let go of all thoughts, all neuroses, all desires, all bias, all judgement, and all tension.

Then finally, allow the true intention. Allow it to shine through; all the illusion has disappeared like a shadow in sunlight. That true intention, be it what it may, will shine as the sun.

That true intention of mine, is love. To experience it fully, all must first be removed. To truly choose love, recognize the choice fully. All distraction and all torment and all temptation and all that is untrue and illusory and that does not serve love must disappear as a shadow does in the sunlight. Even love must disappear completely. Only then can we truly choose love, and choose to bear it through all of the challenges, through all of the trials and tests and doubts and temptations and questions of faith. Only after it has been given up and this has been experienced can we say that our love enables choice, that we have chosen love, and that we have fully realized the choice we have made. We have fully intended, fully chosen, and now fully love.

I live life striving toward the high road, rarely allowing myself to fall into the tempting road of surrendering to my weaknesses, yet never quite overcoming those weaknesses though I challenge myself again and again; making and remaking my decisions, consistently and without loss of direction. There is only a problem in my follow through. I do not want to take the tempting way, the “boring” and stagnant and self destructive way. I want to take the way that challenges me in every moment to manifest my true self, and all of the love that it is capable of. Infinite love. Even if it seems less than practical, less than realistic, less than possible, to me this is the easiest way.


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