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Quote: The Gift

I have been saying this for over a year. I have been saying that the trials I have been through and the emotions that I have experienced have granted me access to more and more empathy and compassion. 

Yet to truly look at this as a gift, to truly appreciate the challenges I have been faced with and overcome, I must give this gift to others and to myself. I must use this gift to its full extent of use. A miracle can be grand and subtle simultaneously, and while there are many of these miracles happening in every moment, it is much easier to overlook them than to appreciate them fully. 

I intend to use each day to share this gift of empathy and compassion, that has been hard won, even if this is all I have to give. I will not let anger or jealousy or arrogance or neuroses blind me and bind me, and steal away my gift. I will let love empower me and surrender to this service.


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