Intro: Dr. Masaru Emoto

Sept. 11, 2016

I discovered a website today where a fellow member of the church of love has been hiding all along. 

Direct Link to HADO Website

I have been reading about Dr. Emoto and his geometrically perfect HADO water molecule forms. 

I believe water is the most powerful substance on Earth. Without water, nothing could survive.  

Clean water is essential to every person and living being. Pure water can change lives. If water can hold imprints of vibrational frequencies and cure people, it would not surprise me at all. 

What would surprise me are all the ways we can use this information to heal ourselves and others and to become better citizens of the planet. 

Dehydration is the most common cause immune system dysfunction and often results in disease and illness. I hope to one day create and sell portable solar powered water distillation units, and to teach people how to make their own. 

Everyone should have access to distilled water, and it would be all the better if it is also imprinted with the frequency of love and gratitude.

More details to come…


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