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Reposted Poem: e r a d i c a t e

Cloey Olson (Jan 13, 2017)

e r a d i c a t e

It’s as if I want it to end badly.
I have to stop myself from smiling at tragedy unfolding. 
I’m an artist.
We artists yearn to feel.
We crave heartbreak. 
That moment of feeling your heart eradicate. 
We clutch at our chest and scream into our pillows,
grasp our ribs, begging them not to fall apart.
And slowly, 
with shaking fingertips,
We find a pen
We find a canvas
We find a guitar
We find our voice
Our medium
And we cry
We express this beautiful decimation
And people applaud what they are entirely unable to do;
to voice the chaos of pain
What does it look like?
What does it sound like?
What notes does the clenching grip of death choose?
What shade of red was it when he cheated?
That painful twinge of minor 7 chords.
The despair has a soul.
We can feel it now,
touch it,
taste it,
hear it,
see it.
We awaken the senses to the most numbing experiences humans have
We open ourselves up,
and the world feels.

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