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Empowered by Love

If you love someone, give them freedom. If you love someone, nourish them and give them room to grow. Do not try to stunt their growth, keep them underground, just so that you are the only one allowed to see their beauty. 

Strive to empower the person you love. Let the beautiful flower grow and thrive, do not pluck it from the ground to put it in a vase where it will whither and die. Do not pretend that you are the only person they should want to spend time with, the only source of their joy, the only friend they have and want. Put away your insecurities and surrender your doubts. That is the most courageous deed that only the truest love can inspire. 

“Love is that which enables choice.”

Meaning, you do not love someone if you insist on controlling them. When you love someone, that which seems most difficult, to allow them all of their choices, is realized as the only option. 


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