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Instead of surrendering your pride, surrender the idea the being a woman is shameful. Instead of being one of the many women that feel insecure, be one of the few that loves themselves just as they are. 

Gender is not the point. 

Unconditional love is the point. 

I wish that all women could see what I see. I wish they could see their strength and courage and beauty and resilience. I wish that instead of focussing on appearing a certain way, that they would be authentic and authentically secure and comfortable and loving toward themselves. 

It’s not about the body, it’s about the self-love. 

It’s not about intimidating or not intimidating men, it’s about valuing yourself. 

Write your body a love letter, a letter of apology and of reconcilliation… You may spend every day wishing for a different body, imagine taking just one day to love your body.


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