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You have survived.

Please remember all that surviving you have done. 


My dearest,

you have survived fires;

not just a fire in your home 

but a fire in your mind. 

The fire that brought you to your knees,

left you ashen and alienated.


You have survived storms;

not just the winter storms that chilled to the bone,

but the winter storm of love and loss 

that chills you to your soul.


You have survived even hell;

not just the hell that the truth of the world convinces you of,

but the hell that convinces you that your demons are actually friends. 


You have survived doubt and insecurity and loneliness.

You have survived all of the times your mind turned against you. 


You can survive this too.

You can survive the trials of loving somebody that challenges you with every word.

You can survive the trials of loving yourself and your body even though it challenges you in every moment. 


My dearest,

Can you see how strong you are? 

In case you ever forget, 

I will keep reminding you.


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