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How Long is a Lifetime?

One lifetime is enough;

how long is a lifetime?


Do I measure from the day 

of birth?

Or do I measure from the day

of rebirth?


I have been born again,

without ever dying. 

I have been at the end of my rope,

where I gave up all ego;

all possibility of loss or gain.

I had it all and lost it all,

and yet found it was there

all along

inside of my heart and soul. 


I found my unity;

my individuality is just 

the most fragmented aspect

of that unity.


I found my purpose;

what I intend to do

and have set out to do 

within this one



I intend to use my intention.

To be visionary and practical,


I intend to have the pure 

and loving intention

that I can generate and purify and trust 

only in myself.

I intend to do so

during this one lifetime, 

and hopefully in each

of the next. 



there is one thing 

that I strive for 

in this one lifetime;

the true happiness

of those around me. 

The true happiness

of the united aspect 

of all.


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