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my self

​Compliment me

but let me be humble.

Let me accept

this honour, 

and let me move past.

Past my ego, 

past my desire

to be approved of,

past my desire

to be adored,

past my desire

to be validated,

past my desire

to be perfect.

I am in a safe space


a space of 




and joy. 

It is my challenge

not to criticise and 

not to become


to recognize myself

in others,

and others 

in myself. 

It is your challenge

not to feed my ego;

it is so much more loving

just to accept me

and humour me;

to entertain my ideas,

if only for a moment;

and to treat me as family. 

The more my ego is fed

the more I must challenge myself

to purge of criticism

and cynicism. 

There is nothing wrong with a challenge.


each decision must be challenged.

Every lesson

must be tested upon. 

Faith rests not upon the absence of 


faith rests upon the existence of 


the constant

and consistent

decision to move past 



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