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“Peace In My Soul…”

Those sleeping dogs 

that you have been 

letting lie, 

they are not going to sleep 


They are sleeping, 

not dead. 

They are dreaming,



by the slightest movement 

away from that 


that you have clung 

so tightly to. 

They will begin to awaken

as soon as you stop

numbing yourself

through addictions.

They will awaken

and chase you 

and snarl 

and scream their barks 

into your poor fearful 

yet courageous 


They will attack 

and slice their razor bites 

into your neck 

and all the rest 

of you. 

They will chew you 

into the smallest pieces. 

They will eat you away 

until all that is left 

is a trembling 

fresh foal 

of a soul. 

Do not let them sleep. 

Let them chase you 

into their own 


Let them chase you 

into your own 




A friend told me that she recognizes this poem. She said she read it before. I did just write it today, February 17, 2017, on the bus home. If you have ever read a similar poem please let me know. I am so intrigued to know how similar the poems are. Email me at

Thank you for reading, my dear friends. 


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