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“Peace In My Heart…”

Whenever someone hurts you 

just take a moment 

to recognize 

how far from true happiness 

they are. 

Recognize how truly difficult 

their experience of life 

must be. 

Recognize that you 

may once have been them, 

or will be. 

Recognize that they are 

challenging themself 

to do their best 

without knowing 

even slightly 

what their best is. 

Recognize that they are 


that they are hurting 



trying to grasp some relief 

not by finding peace, 

but by jealously 


to take it. 

Recognize that they are 

seeking peace 

seeking asylum 

seeking love 

outside of themself. 

Looking everywhere 

around them, 

making demands, 

forcing and manipulating 

their way into the darkest 

most obscure 


but never looking inside 


the darkest corner of all, 

or so it is 

in their imagination. 

Yet that same imagination 

is where they will find 


that they seek. 

That same imagination 

is where they will plant 

and tend to 

their very own 

Garden of Eden.


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