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Reality is Happening Now

Sometimes people get trapped in the past;

most of us spend our time remembering

 and reinventing memories 

and distorting them 

with our emotions and our convictions.

Sometimes people are trapped in the future,

like Nikola Tesla was;

“He was before his time,” so they say.

The ideas and potential 

not quite surrendered 

to closed minds

and long established greed.

Ideas so “radical” that they often fail in practicality,

they often fail 

to weasel their way in to the market 


without making Corporate enemies 

before they hit the ground running. 

I found my home,

not my cage,

in the present. 

My home is inspired by visions

of the past 

and of the future;

past and future 

failures and successes

and possibilities and potential.

I refuse to be one or the other,

after or before 

my time.

If anything,

I will be right on time,

although some of my ideas

span into the territory of 


or outdated.

Those ideas inspire me 

to challenge myself,

to find new ways – practical ways –

to use those ideas. 

I am inspired.

I am creative.

I am manifesting my wildest 

most aspirational dreams,

here and now

and forevermore.


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