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My Clan 2: A Brief Essay

​If you were to adopt a child, you would love that child as your family. Why is it so difficult for people to imagine that anyone could be your family. Everyone is your family. Anyone could be your long lost relative, anyone at all is your “long lost” relative. 

Family is the way that humans have survived since the very beginning. Families today are fading away. Caught up in the smallest details, deeming unworthy almost all of their true family. Even though we are meant to connect. We are meant to be family. We are meant to be an infinite machine, a tool to experience love in infinite ways and to learn about our own love through infinite lives and lessons. 

Infinity happens through regeneration and creation; not only is it a miracle that we can create life to replace our own, it is a miracle that we have all the capabilities of working together as a family unit and yet we use almost none of these capabilities. 


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