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practice to surpass

the way to banish fear of failure

to persevere beyond trial and error

to learn and grow and develop

to become the person you want most

to be

the way is called “practice”

and by perceiving that everything

you do

or attempt to do

is practice

you will never fail

and one day you will find 

that you have surpassed practice


6 thoughts on “practice to surpass

      1. I just finished reading your whole review of The Spy. I am so very intrigued. PAULO COEHLO IS ONE OF MY TOP 3 FAVOURITE WRITERS. I absolutely love him, but I didn’t feel the NEED to read this book until now.

        I just want to thank you for inspiring me to read that at my first chance. I am so excited to read more about Mata Hari.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Paulo Coelho is one of my top writers too. I pre-ordered The Spy because of Mata Hari and the author who is writing her story from her last letter to her daughter. Have fun reading 🙂


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