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My Teacher’s Hands

Today I learned to play a drum. 

My teacher is kind and patient 

and full of love. 

I managed to avoid frustration 

although not all my peers 

were as strong-willed.

My teacher looked at us all,

after we ended a song 

in a cacaphony of unharmonized 


He said he tells a lot of his students,

“Why are you looking at your hands,

trying to learn 

to play the drum?

Your hands don’t know how 

to play the drum.

My hands know how

to play the drum.”

This key,

this philosophical key to learning,

it reminded me of all the times 

I spent looking at my hands, 

when I could have been looking 

at my teacher’s hands. 

It reminded me that of all of my goals 

and my dreams

require me to learn something new, 

and while I may be tempted 

to experiment 

and explore 

and make discoveries on my own,

there is a teacher out whose hands 

I should be watching. 


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