To Be One

To be one; to be an individual.

To be one; to be many individuals unified.

To be one; to be an integral part of a system; to exist as something greater than the human form.

To be one; to recognize and appreciate the shared existence and shared experience of any number of people or life forms, and to join these lives through empathy.


Imagine what it is to be one.

To be united.

To be part of a conscious community.

To have unshakeable integrity.


But how is it really?

You hide your secrets

because you fear they will be used against you,

or that your demons will rise at the call of their names.

I don’t hide from your secrets

but I fear they will be too much of a burden;

too full of dread and sorrow and shame and guilt.

You can trust me,

but you should not trust anyone unless it is worth the risk.


4 thoughts on “To Be One

    1. Wouldn’t it!!??!! I read a story about an alternate reality where are the people live in harmony and cooperate and have a system based on perfect integrity (they can read minds, but exercise trust instead).
      It’s an awesome story. Wish I could find it again. Maybe it’s somewhere on the internet (possibly on youtube).

      Liked by 1 person

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