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Man Like Him

Touch me
the way he used to.
Touch my soul first,
then caress my body.

Kiss me
the way he used to.
Kiss my heart first,
and then all the rest of me too.

Let me hear your voice,
does it make the Earth vanish from beneath my feet;
does it make my favourite songs seem discordant;
does it make me want yours to be the voice in my head,
just so I could listen for the rest of time?

Show me your hands,
are they just like his?

Show me your eyes;
is it only in his blues that my paradise reflects?

Show me your dance,
are you as graceful as the feather he used to trace my breasts,
and as fiery as the monologue he used to win my heart?

Show me your mind,
is it as dark
and as bright
as his?

Show me your love,
is it just as beautiful
and overwhelming
as his?

Show me all of you,
is your body as sinfully sweet
as his?

For your sake,
I wish that I could say
it would be enough,
but I am so sad to say,
you are not enough.

You are not him.

Who are you?

Behind the mask,

the face is always the same.

Did I fall in love with this mask,

or did I fall in love with the

raw truth,

of him.


8 thoughts on “Man Like Him

    1. There is more than one way to love. I am exploring those many other ways. Connections between hearts and souls.
      I am blessed because I can love as many people as I choose to in this way, friendship and companionship, the way that fulfills me most, no need or desire for anything more. Not everyone wants to just be friends, but to me friends are so incredibly important and valuable to me.
      I don’t think I will date at all in the forseeable future.

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    2. In this poem I was just trying to say that it’s okay if someone (like me) doesn’t want to look around for someone just as good as the person who left them. It seems like when I went through a breakup a long time ago people kept saying that I would find someone better, but I didn’t take it very well lol.

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    3. Thank you so much for your support! That’s truly kind of you to say. I always try my best to be myself, to be genuine and honest. I completely agree with you on jealousy, I actually just finished an audiobook by Paulo Coelho called The Supreme Gift (did I tell you about it????)
      My favourite part is when they talk about envy. It struck me more than any words have in a long time. I highlyyyyy recommend checking it out if you get the chance. I will send a quote if I can find the place in the audiobook. โ™ก thanks again!

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