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Not This Time

Friends mean the world to me. 

Maybe this journey of awakening has made it difficult to be my friend.

Maybe this journey through depression has made it difficult to be my friend.


there are still people who have stepped into my life and turned on the light. 

The light I thought I would never see again. 

But if you do not want to be my friend then what else can I say…

I understand.

Be honest. 

Be truthful. 

I am not everyone’s cup of tea. 

I am hardly anyone’s cup of tea. 

But at least you can trust that I will never lie, never manipulate, never use or abuse, never abandon in a time of need. 

Even if nobody else can say the same for me. 

All I want is for you and everyone else to be happy. 

Okay, so maybe I wanted to get to know you too.

But I understand. 

When we talk, it might seem like we are connecting, it might seem like there are so many ways that we could have a beautiful conversation, but the truth is simple. 

It’s the same as when I am at work, and a customer asks a question. 

All they truly want is for me to stop talking so that they can leave. 

It does not hurt my feelings, usually I want them to leave too, but not this time. 


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