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“A true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.”

-Elizabeth Gilbert

I used to believe that I was a man who had been blessed with the gift of intellect. I spent years convinced that I was the smartest person in any room; often closing myself off from the opinions of others. I would gnash my teeth at the slightest hint of conflict, and reveled in my ability to push my own agendas onto others, whilst belittling theirs. Yet while I thought that I was a magnificent mind perpetually on the cusp of achieving great things, the truth is that I was a bit of a dick. I bruised egos, hurt feelings, and let down the people closest to me.

During these volatile years, I was tolerable at…

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11 thoughts on “Mirrors

      1. Love. It will have you speechless one moment, and sending up praises the next. It’s restorative. It’s the breath of life in our soul…I Love LOVE, even when it may not be understood and valued by others.

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      2. I am going to recommend a book for you because it is my FAVOURITE book of the day. I have so many favourites. I downloaded this one on Audible with a free trial, because I’m too cheap to pay even though I love audible and audiobooks… Paulo Coelho – The Supreme Gift. It is based on a famous church sermon about love, called The Greatest Thing in the World. I wish everyone would read this. I have the actual hard copy book here too,

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      3. I was going to actually post a few pages from it for you! But I love all the pages so much. It’s such a tiny book, not long at all, but packed full of love and light. Can’t wait for you to read it. I would even check on youtube if there is a reading of it or maybe even the whole sermon was recorded. Who knows. I find a lot of audiobooks on there. It’s such a popular book that it might be online.

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      4. I just purchased it on my kindle. 🙂 You have me so excited to dive in to the pages, even when Love is presently a bit of a heaviness on my heart today. Your good vibes are breath. Thank you

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