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Do You Envy Me

Look at all those other girls.

You are.

You call them cute.

Do you like them better than me?

I do not envy them one bit.

Maybe it is all for the best.

They may be more attractive

on the outside,

but I have something they do not.

A soul full of passion,

and bliss,

and inspiration.

A heart full of love,

and light, 

and dreams.

Dreams that are immense,

expanding so far

it is a wonder they do not

block out the sun.

Dreams that only

Warriors of Light

dare to dream.


is what you would treasure about me,

if you ever loved me at all. 



I did not want to sound arrogant here…

I am trying to be positive and learn to love myself again. 

Everyone has a beautiful soul, some people just cover it up. 

There is nothing wrong being ugly, just as there is nothing wrong with being beautiful. As I have written in the past, both involve a blessing and a curse. 

What I am trying to say is that I wish he had treasured my inner beauty much more than my outer beauty. 

Oh look, I said it right that time. 


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