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Want to Know

I am still healing.

I am still building strength.

I am still learning my strength.

I am still learning how much I can 


I am still learning, 

But do I want to know?

Do I want my strength to be tested?

It has been. 


Quote found on facebook:


31 thoughts on “Want to Know

    1. Thank you so much, friend! Today I am listening to an audio book by Paulo Coehlo, based on a famous church sermon. The audiobook title is The Supreme Gift (on Audible). I have the original book at home, called The Greatest Thing in the World, but I wanted to hear what Paulo had to say about it.

      I was far from disappointed.
      If there is one thing you read/listen to this month, please let it be this! I got the one audiobook for free with a free trial. Anyway I want everyone to read it. EVERYONE. And I’m not even religious, but I agree very much with certain parts of many religions.

      Haha this started out with a thank you and ended up in a book review. Sorry, but not sorry. 😀 I really do appreciate your encouragement and I love the quote too.

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      1. I have just started uploading to HelloPoetry. I also have an audiobook on youtube (For The Love of Cookies, search it on my blog here to get an intro and link). I am also working on some “spoken word” (my first attempt) that I might post to youtube. That would actually be the writing from last night, but I haven’t decided how to present it. Anyway. What about you? Is wordpress your main page?

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      2. Those posts you just read are the spoken word projects I was working on… That Day already has the link included, and It Might Have Been will be updated with the link shortly… 😀
        Thank you so much for all the encouragement, I hope you had a lovely day, friend!


      3. No it’s exactly that.. Cameroun or Cameroon is in central Africa, right next to the Atlantic ocean, neighbouring Nigeria, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Chad… Look for my post *My pen friend* and you’ll know 😄

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