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Obligation vs. Intention

Obligations and duties are for robots.

If you are going to do something,

Find a reason you want to do it,

And do it because you want to.

Not because you feel like you should,

Or you are obligated,

Or you are coerced…

Or maybe you just don’t want to

But someone convinced you to anyway.

Leave the obligations to the robots.


If you are going to say please and thank you,

Say it because you want someone to hear words

Of gratitude and praise and respect.

If you are going to hold the door for someone

And wish them a lovely day,

Do so because you want to add kindness to their day…

Whether or not the person is familiar.


Intent is everything.

Intend to be kind.

Intend to be generous.

Intend to be helpful.

Intend to shine your light

As bright as you can.

Intend to be that person,

That rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Just because you can,

Because you can and you want to be that person,

Who cares enough to push through

All the negativity and pain

To see through to the beautiful soul

Hidden away.


Intention is a gift.

We can use it to manifest our choices.

The choices we were put here to make.

Or we can be robots.

Programmed and executed by other robots.

If ever taking responsibility for our actions,

Excusing ourselves through our obligations,

Letting others make our decisions

And denying ourselves

Both the joys and the miseries of caring.

The joy of intention.

The joy of brightening someone’s day.

The joy of being fully alive,

And opening our heart,

Even though we know it might get hurt

Real bad.


The world needs a lot of intention right now.

It needs a lot less robots and a lot more intention.


Please go on youtube and look up the video “WHAT IS WATER?”

The one that starts with a scene inside a fishbowl.

It took me many years to understand this video, and my understanding continues to deepen still.

My journey of intention,

My journey of waking up

And becoming fully alive,

Began with that video.

It all started with water.

So did life itself.

Mine and yours,

And that of everything else

That is alive.

As far as we know,

Most people today hide behind obligations.

They hide behind stress,

And work,

And responsibility.

They do not want to be the person in charge.

They do not want to be the decision maker.

I am not that way.

I know that I am here to make choices.

I know that I am here to use my intentions

And to explore all of the consequences.

Apathy is a disease

That once was mine;

A disease I will continue to stave off

And attempt to eradicate completely

From this planet of sickos.


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