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The Truth

Maybe most people want to hear the truth,

But the moment they begin

To peel away the mask of illusion,

All they see is fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of change.

Fear of all fears.


The moment that truth manifests

As a shadow

Where there was once light,

Most people turn away.

They cover up all the truth

That was revealed,

With bandages,

And blankets,

And layer

Upon layer

Of lies.


The moment that someone

Like me

Faces their fear

And rips off the mask of illusion,

The truth fires back.


The shadow reveals


The shadow reveals

What once were my worst fears.

Every last one of them.

Except dinosaurs.


The truth reels you in,

Whispering gently,

Caressing you

With promises of kindness

And forgiveness

And perserverance.


You know it is too good to be true.


Beyond the veil

Of illusion

Is a place that few dare to visit.

I live there.

In reality,

And all of its misery,

And all of its hope.


When I looked beyond illusion

For the first time,

And every time since,

Truth asked me after,

“Do you still want to see me?

Even if the world

Is worse than you ever imagined?”

My answer is yes,

No matter how ugly

The truth truly is.


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