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My Clan

Although hatred might be the only way 

You can mask your pain,

You are not fooling me. 

How many times will you push me away,

Before you finally accept my love?

It may not be much.

It may not be as much as I want to give.

It may not mean anything to you.

It may not mean you love me back. 

Your words,

Full of anger and suffering,

Teach me more than any book.

Psychology is just a concept,

Until I hear you tell me to “drop dead,”

When all you really want is a hug.

I make mistakes too.

I feel anxiety too.

I have panic attacks too.

I am suffering too.

Expect me not to be perfect,

And I will expect the same from you –

And anyone else. 

I ask you to trust me,

Only as much as I trust myself – 


Sometimes more,

Sometimes less.

I love you,

I love my Godson.

I will always have your back, 

And his;

Not because you are family by marriage,

Because you are family by CHOICE. 


Dedicated to my cousin and her son, my Godson, who are both part of my ever growing and evolving clan. 


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