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Music of the Earth

I was walking home last weekend when I first noticed the music. Never before had I noticed how beautiful and harmonic all the sounds are while walking down the street. 

Sure, traffic might pick up and drown out all else, but this time I could hear everything. 

It was raining, and foggy, and beautiful. I could hear leaves and wind and rain and critters, my own footsteps, and a few cars whirring by. I even heard church bells as I was getting close to my home. I could smell burning cedar as I wandered down my street. 

All in all, that rainy day was more beautiful to me than any work of art I have ever seen. 

Take out your earbuds. 

Put away your phone. 

Raise your chin.

Tilt your head.

Gaze at the work of art surrounding you. 

Do not ignore the sights and sounds.

One day all that we know as nature,

All that is,

And all it was meant to be,

May be gone.


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