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The Seed Remains


The way I think of death is different than anyone I know.

I do not believe one way or the other, in terms of life after death or reincarnation, or anything else.

I believe that nothing can be proven, so why believe either way?

I know there is a purpose behind religion… behind the belief of life after death… punishment or reward… etc.

I am not afraid of death. I would rather spend my life loving – loving others, loving myself (without being narcissistic), and loving my life – and making the most of every moment. Knowing that I could pass away at any time, even this very moment, keeps me humble and reminds me that everything is temporary.

If I were to choose a belief as more likely than the rest, I would have to choose reincarnation. I have a theory that we are all the same soul, reincarnated billions of times. Yes, it is just a theory. I like my theory because it allows me to have more empathy… to recognize myself in others, and to recognize that I could have been that person, I could have made their decisions, I could have experienced everything that they have experienced. I also like my theory because if we are all the same soul, and if there is such a thing as Karma, that Karma is functioning flawlessly.



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