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Leave Me Behind


I experienced the most profound changes in my life during my travels.

In particular, I was blessed to spend an entire summer in Churchill, Manitoba, at the age of 16.

At such a young age, in such a secluded and dangerous place, working and learning and living as much as I did was a pleasure beyond all else.

I look back on that place and those memories with the same love I feel for people.

Even though my stay in Churchill presented extreme challenges, surpassing any that I had faced previously, every difficulty was worth the experience.

It was in Churchill that I first experienced clarity.

Awareness of self.

Awareness of nature.

Awareness of my own unity with all else in existence.

I began to see into people the same way I see into a mirror.

I began to understand relativity in a profound sense.

There are so many more places that are calling out to my heart.


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