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The Church of Love

December 31, 2015

I have been asked this question many times:

“Are you religious?”

As a child I answered, “Yes, I am a Christian,” without really knowing what that was.

As a teenager I answered, “Certainly not, my faith rests in Mother Nature.”

As a young adult I answered, “Yes, I am a devout and informed Christian; I am even a part of a church.”

I soon learned that this church was less about love, and more about propaganda. The services were wonderful – the people were lovely and inspiring. All of a sudden I realized that this was a place of conditional love, as are all churches, and I only support unconditional love and the strive closer to it. I do not support the idea that someone is less deserving of love because of any of their qualities, certainly not their sexual orientation.

I now answer, “I follow no faith except my own. That of the Church of Love. The temple is in each heart and the door is always open. The services are held each moment that they are welcomed. You must listen closely, for the Teacher speaks in whispers and mysteries and strange puzzle pieces that only you can fit together. Sometimes the Teacher speaks in a karmic way. In the Church of Love I have found my home, and have accepted all of the Teachings of Love as they find their way into my life. Even if I am the only one of this particular faith, even if it brings challenges beyond my imagination, I will never surrender it.”

This is what I always repeat to myself – one of my favourite quotes:

“Love is that which enables choice.

Love is always stronger than fear.

Always choose on the basis of love.”


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