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A Risk Worth Taking

Meditation is set very far apart from medication. So far apart, that I consider meditation to be more of a cure than a treatment. 

Mindfulness meditation helped me survive anxiety and depression, along with innumerable others who have used meditation as a therapy. There is no set dosage, there are no withdrawal symptoms, there is no way to overdose, there are no ingredients, and there is no cost.

I know that mindfulness meditation may not work for everyone, for one reason or another, but I would recommend to anyone who suffers with anxiety or depression to give meditation a try before considering medication. 

I would recommend meditation to everyone on the planet, because in my experience it is life changing and healing and can impart an incredible amount of positivity and inspiration. 

Even those who are not suffering from anxiety or depression can benefit immensely from practicing mindfulness meditation.

The best part: there is no risk. 


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