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What is treasure?

You do not have to be a pirate to treasure something, to desire and collect and stow away glorious trinkets. You do not have to be a pirate to leave them behind for someone else to find.

Treasure means gold and jewels and material items of value. Treasure means currency, in a marvelous form, sometimes found in a not-so-secret hiding place.

Treasure means something else entirely in my life. Treasure is anything that I hold dear, anything that brightens up my life, if only for a moment. My treasure is found in moments of joy and bonding and passion and love. My treasure is found in smiles; my own and other’s. My treasure is found in art and words and expressions, especially those that make me laugh.

My treasure is also found in ideas… The ideas that take us from one era to the next, one step at a time. One weird step at a time. Each innovation is equal to the birth of a new universe, in my eyes. Each time a person experiences an idea or innovation they have weird moment, when they either chalk it up to making a mistake and move on, or they see an opportunity to explore new territory. To play, where no other has played before. Every day there are new ideas and territories to explore, and within each of these are countless more.

So often in history the world has been unexpectedly ushered into a new era by ideas and innovations – one of my favourite examples is the printing press. We see life altering and world changing innovations on a daily basis now. Many times, these are simple things, that have implications far beyond the original purpose or expectations. Many times, all it takes to change the world are a few words. This is why my treasure is found in my ability to think, to imagine, to speak and converse, to read, and to write. Too often are all of these treasures underrated, and yet there is so much to be appreciated.

Most of all, my treasure is found in the gift of life, and this is only one of the many reasons I am going to study psychology and neuroscience and holistic healing for the rest of my life and do my very best to help those who struggle with depression and consider suicide.


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