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The Worst I Can Do

The worst that I can do is care about that which I do not want to care about,

or to not care about that which I want to care about.

What matters most? Am I choosing the path of the heart, am I acting in the name of love, or am I taking the easy way?

These are all just tests, challenges, some set by Love itself, and some set by the opposition – yet the choice is always the same. The consequences are always worth it when Love is chosen, but never so when fear is allowed to take over the reigns of control.

Choosing Love is choosing for myself; choosing fear is allowing the opposition to win, every time, and to surrender my self control. If you find yourself choosing Love, and experiencing a lack of self control, then it simply means fear has creeped its way in and has made you into its slave. Face your fear, and it shall be banished, as though it were never worthy of existence.

Only Love is worth the time and effort necessary to face the challenges life brings. Only Love is worth our time, and only through Love may all the unknown consequences and even the greatest risks be worth any possibility.

If you let fear hold you back and make your decisions, you will not experience the joy of chasing your dreams and making them a reality. All that is between you and this reality, that reality in which you are free to do what you truly want to do and to experience, is fear. Let love guide you past this obstacle, and all others, into the land of that which is greater than you ever imagined – to the place where you are not sad for the best dreams to end, for it is surely the beginning of a new dream, a new way to manifest Love, a new adventure, and a worthy battle.

What fear is holding you back from the fulfillment of your truest desires and dreams?

Pride? Suffering? Pain? Death? Loneliness?

These are all tests, and Love is beside us cheering us on, even when fear has made us its slave. Love wants us to succeed, and Love will never give up.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” J.R.R. Tolkien

I have chosen to spend that time loving, even when fear is attacking from all sides, because there is nothing more wonderful and more deeply treasured than the love in my heart. Nothing else makes life worth living, and the challenges worth facing. There is no more worthy battle than that against the opposition of fear; that of the advocacy of Love at all costs.

I used to be a slave to fear. I used to choose the easy way. I used to give in to fear in many ways. I let fear take over and I did things that I did not want to do, I cared about things I did not want to care about, and I became somebody that I did not want to be. Now I choose Love and through this choice I have found freedom. I used to be desperate, and lonely, and scared, and weak, and lacking any shred of self control. I used to be a smoker, I used to drink, I used to give myself to men that did not even respect me as a person. Fear made me stupid and desperate and I became a slave to that which should have never mattered to me. Now I am free to chase my dreams and be the person I dream of being, and I can see a future empty of loneliness and weakness, a future overflowing with Love and passion and adventure.


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