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The Greatest Challenge, The Greatest Blessing

Is it possible to be friends with someone that you love? Someone that I love?

Even though it is the greatest challenge I have ever faced, there has never been a challenge more worth overcoming. It is for the best, knowing that if I am not the woman of his dreams, at least he has the freedom to seek and to find her. Even though it is the greatest challenge, it is also the greatest blessing – to have the truest of all love in my heart, and to have in my life the people who inspire me most of all.

It does not matter in the least whether he loves me in return. It is a thousandfold more meaningful and more wonderful and more treasured to love someone than it is to be loved.

Only your ego will tell you otherwise.

If there were a thousand people who loved me so truly, and yet I loved nobody, I would be the most lonely and sad soul alive.

There is an incomparable treasure and beauty to be found in loving another, despite any of their faults, regardless of whether that love is requited. It is a treasure I would not give up for anything.


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