Beautiful Blessing

After more than a week of walking through hell, I have made it through as a stronger and more aware being. I am more aware of myself, my thoughts, my perception, my health, my decisions, what matters to me, and all of my surroundings. I was not alone in my walk through hell, but I wish I had been. I wish that nobody else would have to go through so much pain and hardship; then again if I could have it all for myself I would probably become as depressed as I used to be. It is not an easy feeling to survive.

After surviving six months of that, and talking to others about their challenges and anxieties, I usually tell them this: While walking through hell, laugh at the devil and all of the demons. They are only there to challenge you, to show you how much greater love is than fear. With love in your heart you can survive nearly anything, and when you do survive you can truly appreciate all the wonderful things life has to offer, and maybe even be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud (quoting Maya Angelou – see “Be a Rainbow” post). If I had the option I would face the worst day of my life tomorrow, so that I could truly appreciate the rest of my days, should I survive it.

I am not worried about the future, I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that it delivers. I do not regret the past, I appreciate the lessons and people that filled those days.

My mission in the present and future is this: To believe in love, to choose love, and to manifest love. I also want to make people smile and laugh, and I hope to inspire in any way that I am able – with love, passion, creativity, and courage.

I got up early this morning, dragged myself out of bed and went to the gym – a recent change in my life, provoked by being more aware of my health and decisions. I was feeling fairly grumpy, especially when I missed my transfer bus, but at that exact moment I saw this – and I had to smile. It was worth freezing my hands to take this photo. You know it’s cold when…




“Winterpeg – Double Sundog”

Photos taken by myself, on January 16th, 2016, at the intersection of St. Mary’s Road & Bishop Grandin in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – approximately 9:30am.

I have only seen a sundog twice previously, but never a double sundog. The first time was as a child. The second time was after a recent interview at the beginning of January, I looked up at the sky and there directly above the Solar Power Center of Winnipeg (sadly, not where I was interviewed – yet…) was a beautiful sundog.


“Winterpeg – Sundog Above Solar Power Center”

Photo taken by myself, on January 8th, 2016, at the intersection of Waverley & Mcgillvray in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – approximately 9:30am.


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