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Waves of Love

AKA Where There is Ocean, AKA An Ocean Brimming with Universe, AKA who needs titles anyway, just read it and if you like it make up your own title.


There is an ocean.


It is the one you can see;

see the waves swelling

and frothing as they crash;

see the tides rising

then sinking, like the moon;

see the tiny droplets escaping

to fill the sky.


There is an ocean.


It is made of tiny droplets,

and rushes of tide,

and waves that crash.


Or are these droplets

and tides and waves

made of ocean?


We may call them by

different names

but there is no separation

except that which

we imagine

and manifest through

our eyes.


Is anything separate?

When you look closely enough

the differences disappear

from in front of

our eyes.


In their place lies

an ocean of sameness

swelling greater in waves,

tides rising ever higher,

a spray of droplets gracing the sky

until you see nothing other.


There is an ocean.


It is contained in our bodies,

moving in waves,

growing and sinking in tides,

full of tiny droplets

which sometimes leave us.


There is an ocean.


It is one you can see part of

only if you look closely enough;

one of atoms,

and molecules,

and cells,

and organs,

and limbs;

each given a name

of its own

because each is a body

of its own.


Each is an ocean

of its own.


Each is a universe

of its own;

full of stars,

and planets,

and moons,

and meteors,

all hidden away

in a single atom,

awaiting discovery

and appreciating

all there is

to dream of becoming.


The ocean of an atom,

of us,

of the universe,

is full of emptiness…

and yet everything found

a place

in nothing.


There is an ocean.


It is powerful enough

to create

the enchantment

of difference –

and the marvelous and infinite

potential which it bestows –

within the sameness

and unity of reality.


There is an ocean.


It is held together by love,

created by love,

created from love.


Love is held together

by the ocean.


Each becoming

the other

without ever

being separate.




Still reading?

Lucky you! You found a very special link… I recorded an audio version of this piece of writing, just for you! I would love if you gave it a listen. Let me know if you enjoy it.

P.S. This is my second attempt at spoken word… I really do not know anything about spoken word, and I probably should have done a little bit of research first, but I wanted you to hear my poem the way I wanted to read it. So here it is!

Waves of Love (AUDIO):



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