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In Form

I read a short article about the teachings of A Course in Miracles. I am not a follower of this faith – as I have said in my other post “The Church of Love.” Regardless, I liked what this article had to say. Its basic premise is that the second coming of Christ will not be “in form” of a bearded man in a white tunic; it will be a healing of the mind and a return to unity and inner-peace – and what I call the Rule of Love.

In response, I say:

We cannot expect anyone to save us.

We cannot expect Jesus or God to come and be our hero.


We must be our own heroes,

through love,

and courage,

and cooperation,

and compromise.


We must prove that we are worthy

of the blessings of life

and consciousness

and free choice.


Jesus was a role model.

The role he modeled was that of a humble hero.


He taught us that anyone can embody love,

and become a saviour

to themselves

and others.


He taught us that by embodying love,

we honour God

and can overcome any obstacle – even fear

and pain

and death.


By striving toward unconditional love

for ourselves

and others

and the universe

we strive toward God.


That is the most glorious journey of all.


If there is a second coming,

I will not expect it to be “in form,”

and I will not expect it to solve

all of the problems

we have created for ourselves.


I will expect it to be the final test,

to see who has accepted the Teachings

of Unconditional Love

and embarked on this glorious journey

toward God.


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