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My Best Advice

Do not ask for advice.

Do not take my advice,

other than the following.


Ask advice from nobody.

Listen to everybody;

everybody has something to teach

whether or not they reveal it.


Most of all,

listen to your heart.

Listen to the love inside.

Let love guide you;

let love make your decisions.


This will transform the most difficult decisions

into the easiest,

and put any challenge into perspective

as surmountable.


Love your life no matter what happens.

Love will provide the best advice.


Any time you ask for advice

you shift the blame for the consequences

on to the advice giver.

When you listen

and accept

what another has to say

and see from their eyes

you will find inspiration

and the opportunity to learn.


When you listen to your heart

and choose your own path

or forge a new one,

you act in the name of love,

and you accept the consequences

without regret.


I have never taken any advice

other than love’s own.

I have had bad ideas,

and bad inspiration,

and bad experiences

following in others’ footsteps,

but try as I might

I was never able to take advice to heart

without the presence of love.


Perhaps I am rebellious,

or naive,

or perhaps,

I am happy

and free of regrets

because I always give the best of me,

and accept the consequences

in the name of love

as worth the risk or folly.




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