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Birth of the Universe

I wrote this when the midnight disease struck yet again; one of three symptoms during the night of the 22nd anniversary of my birth.


We come from the seed of the Creative Father,

to be planted in the Earth of the Mother.


To grow,

and discover the presence of Love;

that which causes us to hunger

and yet nurtures us

all in one breath of inspiration.


To test Love,

and prove its strength;

with each test of faith.


To admire

all that has been born thus far.


To create

something new and unique

out of these three ingredients:

faith, love, and inspiration.


Life is born anew

with each creative spark.


It is almost always that the Mother raises the child. The one who has tended to the seed until it has sprouted, and beyond, with unconditional love and nurturing (ideally). But what of the Father?

Perhaps He prefers that we learn our own lessons and make our own choices, and prove to Him and to ourselves that we need not His assistance to be great and to manifest love. Even if it leaves us flawed it is better than hiding from all the world has to offer in the stead of warnings and fear under the protecting wing of the Mother.

Just as some fathers, instead of leaving an inheritance, tell their children they must build a living for themselves – and perhaps go as far as to say if their child cannot do so, they are not worthy of the inheritance anyway. The inheritance would leave their lives without the passion or direction that love reveals.

“A life without love is a ship without sails.”


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