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Tears of the Sun

An angel of music

sent to me

a beautiful melody of love.


It turned my tears

of sorrow

into tears of joy.


The song is called Tears of the Sun.


The universe gives the greatest blessings of all,

especially when you allow the universe to surprise you,

and accept all that it has to offer.

In the form of music,

and people,

and beauty,

and love,

and light.


I once wished

that there were more hours in the day,

just as I now wish

that there were more notes in this song.


I could listen to it forever.


This made me realize

that even if it went on longer,


it would never be long enough.


Just as there would never be

enough hours in the day.



the tears of the Sun,

are the tears of mine own.


Direct Link to Song – Tears of the Sun

Thank you to my friend Pranay for allowing me to share this beautiful work of art and love. It is one of my top three favourite songs.


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