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Frustration Versus Forgiveness

When your room-mates refuse to clean up after themselves…

When your only friend cancels plans last minute, again and again…

When your bus is late and your transfer bus is early…

When you look at your bank account and you wonder if you will ever pay off your debt…

When you can hardly find time to shower and brush your teeth, never mind laundry and grocery shopping and cooking…

When others try to tell you what you want, and ignore your convictions or try to destroy them…


… Just remember, you are not the only one struggling. When you know you are fighting the good fight, it is all worth it. When you are protecting yourself, your well being, and that of those you love, then you are giving the best of yourself and that is all that matters.

… Just remember that you have been on the other side of the frustration. You are a sinner just like everyone else. You have had your own trial by fire, many times, and now it may be someone else’s turn. Kindness and love are the most valuable of all things (next to life itself) – even to those who give you grief – and can often turn frustration into appreciation.

… Just remember that forgiveness, especially of yourself, welcomes peace back into your heart.

… Just remember that anger does more damage to yourself than anyone else.

… Just remember that frustration will never solve your problems; just surrender and let your creativity take over. “Let the strange pull of what you really love guide you. It will never lead you astray.”

… When you choose to be the harbinger of love rather than of fear, when you choose forgiveness over anger – you always win. It is a great victory and a proof of strength and courage. It does not mean accepting the unacceptable – it does not mean the lines between right and wrong are blurred – it means that anger is not worth it. When you choose anger, it is a loss every time; you are losing your own peace of mind. “Peace of mind is the greatest wealth in the world.” Often those who dislike or hate you want most to see you angry and hurt.

@ANNELEMOTT on twitter said it best, even if they were quoting another: “Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.”


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