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Be a Rainbow

Welcome to Canada all of our new Syrian neighbours, and those who are arriving from around the world. I hope you all receive a warm welcome, warm clothes, and a warm home that you can fill with love.

I hope that the Christmas spirit fills all people with love and inspires all Canadians to open their doors and their hearts to these new neighbours.

I believe that everyone in the world is part of one family, just as the elephants are one family and the butterflies are another. By uniting and treating others as family we can achieve anything.

By being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud we give the gift of love and in return we receive the greatest feeling in the world.

By refusing to judge one person for the acts of another we learn compassion and we learn not to fear other people. Love is worth any risk. To act in the name of love is to act in a way that benefits another without expecting anything in return.

Thank you to all the wonderful, courageous and inspiring people who are collecting donations and warm clothes and other necessities and gifts to bestow upon all of the wonderful, courageous, inspiring, and beloved people who are arriving in Canada. What better time than at Christmas, during the season of the all-giving life-giving Spirit of Love and selflessness through unity.

We have evolved past the “survival of the fittest,” to become the era of natural co-operation, rather than the era of natural selection. I truly believe that almost all humans have evolved past using terror and hatred to protect ourselves and our interests, and that love has been welcomed into our hearts and our lives.

I doubt more than anything else that there is even a single person or animal that chose who or what they were born as – this decision is, simply put, above us. If there is even a single person, I doubt even more that they would choose the life path of fear of which they must resort to terrorism to protect themselves and their interests. I believe above all else that they would choose a life path full of love.

I believe love has a home in each of our hearts. If you had been born in Syria, would you now be wishing for a safe and welcoming home where love is present and abundant? I would. In fact I think all people do. I believe that is exactly what the all-giving life-breathing Spirit intends and wishes for all people (and all life).

If each of us would only cooperate and respect all other life forms, we could finally appreciate all of the blessings of the universe. Perhaps there is still much glory to be found in that we find much to appreciate regardless of the awful things that happen.

Love will prevail. Love will overcome fear.



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