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What is it?

Autonomous sensory meridian response. If that did not answer the question, here is a better description…

ASMR is an experience. If you have not yet had the experience, you cannot fully understand it.

ASMR is a safe place within yourself, where you can escape the daily grind and receive comfort, like that which you may have felt as a child when your mother held you.

ASMR is a mystery waiting to be solved. It appears to stimulate the brain and senses in a unique way. Some describe it to be similar as when a person feels chills and thrills while listening to music. Some describe it as the ultimate way to relax. I would describe it as a form of assisted meditation. A way to bypass the fight/flight response that many people experience daily, and enter a peaceful state of mind and body. It is a combination of sound stimulation, and light touch stimulation – such as temporary body art or light massage. It is a way of interacting with people intimately yet in a completely non-invasive way, so that the child hiding in us all feels comforted and safe.

ASMR is so much more than that. It demands the recognition that everyday interactions, even the act of listening, have the potential to effect our state of mind and even cause intense physical reactions such as pleasurable thrills. It begs the question whether people crave intimacy in a gentle and comforting form, at times even more than physical intimacy. It provides the opportunity to discover how a person can experience pleasure through listening, and to better understand the human senses in general.

ASMR has become a youtube sensation. With hundreds of thousands of video performances by practitioners, and just as great a number of testimonials from viewers, curiosity surrounding this new trend has spiked big-time. From hair-brushing, to nail-tapping, to midnight-storytimes, to macaroni-and-cheese-munching, there is a form of ASMR geared toward any number of individuals. There are internet communities full of ASMR curious viewers and practitioners alike testifying to the benefits of this experience, and a massive demand for new and improved videos.

ASMR videos have gained a humongous following, and these videos are just the beginning. The videos use sound to stimulate the senses and provoke what can be described as “thrills,” and an accompanying intense state of peacefulness and comfort. The viewers’ experience relies upon sound and imagination. The viewers depend upon the practitioners’ use of binaural microphones to make the experience as close to real as possible. As if the practitioner were in the room with you, gently brushing your hair or reading you a bedtime story as you drift off to to relaxation-land.

The problem is that ASMR is trapped inside the virtual vortex, on youtube and other video/audio platforms. Viewers are requesting better and better microphones, buying better headphones, hoping to gain a more realistic experience. There is a better option.

The next step is to offer the ASMR experience in an interactive setting, where the practitioner is there with you giving you a first-hand experience of thrills and the accompanying peaceful state of mind. It is about time, and luckily for Winnipeg there is a practitioner willing to fill the local demand and be the first to provide a first-hand ASMR experience for those who are seeking to benefit from sound and light-touch sensations.

Those who are interested in learning more about ASMR and this unique experience are invited to watch the following video. The video includes multiple forms of ASMR sound stimulation, and light-touch stimulation through temporary body art. Also included are testimonies and comparisons from people who have experienced ASMR through headphones as well as first-hand. They will help us all explore the mystery of ASMR bit by bit.

I am sure you will enjoy the video, just don’t forget to plug in your headphones… Don’t worry, you won’t need them much longer.

[Video will be uploaded ASAP – Stayed tuned! I will change the title of the post to “ASMR – Updated (date)”]


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