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Ingredients – For the Love of Cookies

So you may be wondering, what was the secret ingredient?

If you think it was love, maybe you should listen to the story again.

Love is the ingredient that made the cookies better than ever before, and it is the ingredient that nobody knew was there – until it was missing.

The secret ingredient is something that tamed the evil snot-shooting dragon and prevented it from eating the girl. It is something that the girl had to obtain and use illegally, because even in Winterpeg it is illegal to drug any citizens – even murderous dragons.

When love was missing from the cookies, they just didn’t taste right. They were “no good.” The girl soon learned that cookies made with love are the very best cookies in the universe. When she lived with the dragon and baked cookies for him, she was complacent, and love was missing from her life. When the girl was unsure of the CookieHut and its intentions of employing her, there was no love in her life. When the CookieHut employee began baking cookies with her it proved to her that she was in a place full of love, acceptance and appreciation – for her, and for cookies. The girl’s situation went from dangerous and awful to ideal and wonderful, but it could not have been this way without love. CookieHut became her home, and she was no longer complacent; instead she was full of appreciation and love and this made everything taste better.