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Dear Jim Carrey


I am seeking contact with you by any means possible. First, through twitter, now through my website/blog. Why? Because it is necessary for me to say thank you for speaking the words that I truly want everyone to hear. You succeeded in getting the message of love further than I have been able to at this point, and you spoke so that everyone listened. Of course I am referring to your commencement address; it was better than I have ever imagined a speech could be, and you said more in 26 minutes than I have said in my entire life. Thank you for being an inspiration to myself and so many others. Thank you for putting yourself out there and letting your Joie de Vivre shine through in the hopes that others will do so. I appreciate this, and so do millions of people.

The world needs role models, desperately, or we need to recognize them. You are my role model. You inspire me to continue spreading the message of love, because too many people choose fear, and many without knowing they have a choice at all.


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